International Public Justice System

Public Justice System

...and justice for all

In the first instance, offering an open platform connecting, empowering, and informing individuals on legal issues.

The Problem

Many companies are renowned for purposefully dense, misleading, and obscure contracts specifically designed to profit at the expense of the very customers they purport to serve. Since such organizations can dedicate massive budgets to their legal apparatus, individuals are left without recourse in asymmetric, exploitative relationships.

The Solution

As individuals upload contracts, complaints, and questions to the public platform, volunteer and paid legal professionals can review and advise on specific and general issues.

These legal advisers can also create fair, consumer-centric contracts free to use by individuals interacting with companies or eachother, thus shifting the entire paradigm of business relationships.

In the second instance, creating an alternative legal framework for transparent public oversight of disputes

The Problem

Throughout the world, legal systems are specifically structured to favor those with the will or ability to finance their claims. Whether through extreme slowness, obfuscation, or misinformation, outcomes unacceptable to most humans are routinely observed.

The Solution

By providing a public forum, and legal oversight, enormous pressure can be swiftly applied to gain resolutions outside the existing legal structures. Rather than applying to regional, national, or international courts, individuals and groups can bring cases directly to the world's people as a whole. While outcomes may not be legally binding in the traditional sense, they may be highly effective, for example leading to mass boycotts of offenders simply through wider knowledge of abuse and corruption at any level.

The International Public Justice System embodies a new sense of shared global responsibility for human well being. Make a difference in creating a brighter future for all.